We offer our corporate services within the following areas:

  • Aerospace industry – design, production and operation of aircraft for passenger or cargo travel (TM-800 accommodates up to 800 passengers on 1st class; a factor of 3 for coach class)
  • Construction industry – large buildings, artificial islands, housing, bridges and other necessary facilities
  • Medical industries – health facilities, pharmaceuticals (design and production)
  • Electronics – design and manufacture of aerospatial and military grade electronics
  • Logistics – our 437 global warehouses and fleet of 50.000 semi trucks and railroad facilities serves as the perfect platform for 3rd party logistics
  • Security services – our paramilitary operations utilizes many of our own products, such as the military versions of the TM series aircrafts, and we are pleased to serve clients (private or national) with a pressing need for “security assistance”.
  • Cutting edge technologies – our technology scientists constantly strive to improve our product portfolio to ensure that the market can get access to the most sophisticated products to fulfill their needs.

Feel free to contact us for inquiries in the above mentioned (or other) areas.