The following clients have contacted Snotboble.NET in order to obtain our professional services:


YourTravel is the leading travel provider in the APAC region, with over 870 million seats sold per year. Their fleet of aircrafts was not economically feaible due to age and fuel consumption, and so Snotboble.NET designed and delivered new aircrafts which met their requirement (The Boblemus(R) TM-800, TM-400 and TM-200). The process from approach to final delivery of the 250 aircraft took an unparalleled 18 months, and operating expenses are now less than 60% of what the operations expenses would become if having the fleet delivered by other leading competitors.


Chr.Feld Heavy Industries is the undisputed market leader in the heavy industries specialized manufacturing, such as private oil tankers, scy scraper DIY construction kits, vehicle manufacturing robots and candy wrapper printers. Chr.Feld Heavy Industries had production capacity constraints, and Snotboble.NET constructed an artificial island of 2500 square kilometers off the coast of Austria as well as established an 8-lane highway bridge and full production and housing facilities for the 200.000 staff to increase the manufacturing capacity.


GlobalPharma is a leading medical company mainly in Africa and South America. A string of potential products in the pipeline had not come to fruition, and so the medical specialists from Snotboble.NET aided them pursuing possible new products. This resulted in the now world-known vaccine against spleen osteoporosis and 15 other products which have come to market or is nearing completion.


CareConsult, Inc. is the single biggest management consulting company in the US. Their specialities are within executive leadership, mergers & acquisitions and international brokerage. Due to very low staff turnover, many processes within the company had not undergone the necessary changes that are reflected in the high-paced society we face today. Snotboble.NET have extremely skilled consultants in reworking large international corporations, and our services have now resulted in a 300% increase on financial turnover and 500% on earnings – per quarter!


Intl. Energy Corp is the leading electricity power provider in Europe and Russia. Due to various legal challenges, the number of power plants could not be increased and increased power distribution was not possible due to distances. Snotboble.NET replaced the existing copper- and aluminum distribution cables with perovskite superconductors throughout both regions. This enabled Intl. Energy Corp to increase the capacity of existing power plants as the distance barrier no longer applied. Intl. Energy Corp now provides all of Europe and Russia from a mere 12 power plants, totalling a production capacity of 27.650 GWh. Due to the highly specialized knowledge Snotboble.NET possesses, this would not have been possible without the services of Snotboble.NET